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Trading With John Review, Dangerous SCAM Exposed With Proof!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

The Trading With John software and Trading Robot by John Miller is a Blacklisted SCAM. In our insightful and factual review we will produce all the proof and evidence required to validate our claims. If for some reason you believe the Trading With John app is genuine or legit, you are deeply mistaken and will ultimately end up having your money stolen. We have it from a trusted source that this fake auto-trader and signals solution was designed by unethical affiliate marketers with the sole intent of defrauding unsuspecting day-traders looking to make some passive income trading binary options online. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly honest and sincere demeanor of the two con-artists starring in this sales video. They are paid actors and are very well compensated for their performance (which is less than convincing). This highly deceptive and misleading scheme is part of new trend of fake news articles which are posted primarily in social networks such as Facebook, but complaints also indicate an extremely aggressive SPAM email campaign which has recently been launched. Please refrain from clicking on any links you have received and try to unsubscribe from receiving further communications. Keep reading to see how we exposed this new fake app and why we believe Trading With John is a confirmed financial SCAM.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area:,

Proof of SCAM:
Below you will see a screenshot of the Trading With John fake news article. As you can see it is resembles a news post, however all the tabs on the menu are not content sections and clicking on them immediately leads to a signup or registration page. It’s worth noting that this form of unusually deceptive advertising is extremely successful at baiting and victimizing innocent day-traders.

Here we can see “John Miller” welcoming you to the members area. It’s interesting to note that all the certifications mention the website is SSL secure, when it is certainly not. It’s also not trusted by Verisign or McAfee as the fake badges would have you believe. As for 100% satisfaction, well I thing everyone can agree that no one can guarantee something like that.

Here’s the final nail in the coffin. These cheaters will have you believe they have “happy users”, however they use fake testimonials to peddle their dirty software. As you can see “Peter” is not really a trader and “Olivia” is clueless about binary options.

Trading With John Software Review
John is claiming he can make any person financially independent, and that the only requirement is that that person be 18 years or older. Then they invite “Sophie” to start trading, and then she rambles about how her life has been “completely flipped upside down” as she starts executing trades successfully. Then she returns the $250 she originally “borrowed” from the nameless presenter and continues to rant about how the software has transformed her life and if it continues she will become a full time trader.

How Does the Software Work?
Apparently it collects data from 50 different sources and 10 different  languages. Then it verifies the information and does not make any rash decisions before executing trades.

Who is John Miller?
He is the so-called “creator and owner” of this software. He is also a self-made millionaire with a background in trading and computers.

Reality Check
Trading With John is a very well-orchestrated scam designed to look legitimate. The amount of hype, fake testimonials, inflated figures, and exaggerated claims of easy money are all there so be careful and don’t fall for these lies no matter how convincing or sincere they may appear to be.

Is it Free?
Actually they say it is not so at least they didn’t lie about that. The presenter says “of course you will give” when Sophie asks about invest the initial amount. This fact, as well as a strange accent, indicates to us he is some kind of foreign national and most likely linked to the scam artists since they usually hire native English speaking actors.

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Signals Versus Trading Robots
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Review Summary and Conclusions
The Trading With John software and fake Trading Robot by John Miller is a SCAM, and worthy of being blacklisted in our fair and impartial review. For those of you who have already fallen victim to this latest shameful scheme, we urge you to refrain from re-investing and never agree to sign any forms. Additionally, refuse to accept any form of bonus or incentive of any kind as this will be held against you if and when you will try to withdraw your money. In a nutshell, we are 100% confident that Trading With John is a fraudulent software which is being heavily promoted by unethical affiliate marketers operating in cahoots with unlicensed offshore brokers. We are so sure this software will steal your money, that if you happen to actually win and can prove it with documented evidence, we will be willing to revise our review and admit to making a mistake. However, we don’t believe anyone will be able to step up and provide this kind of proof. So again, we are adding the Trading With John software to our SCAM bucket and blacklisting it and advising our members and subscribers to choose alternative investment options. Should you need additional information in regards to this fake app or would simply like to consult regarding a certain software, simple leave a message or contact us via our Facebook group or subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

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