Tradioneer Review, SCAM Trading Bot or Legit App?

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Tradioneer Review, SCAM Trading Bot or Legit App?

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Tradioneer is an automated binary options trading robot which was launched about 4 months ago. In our impartial review we will investigate the various aspects of this app and auto-trader in an attempt to ascertain if it is a SCAM software or a legit trading system which is profitable and performs consistently. Truth be said, we were approached at the time by various industry contacts and asked to endorse Tradioneer, we made a decision to wait and measure customer satisfaction levels based on initial tests and feedback from various industry-leading review sites. The results finally came back, and to our pleasant surprise we found out we actually stumbled into a profitable little app which is being promoted quietly and without any complaints from day-traders about SPAM emails or annoying popups practically jumping out of the computer or mobile device and prompting you to register and fund a trading account. We know you are a bit skeptic and that’s a good thing, but if you are in the mood to try out a new app you might as well roll the dice on this one. It’s worth mentioning that Tradioneer does not accept US traders, so you will have to find another app from our recommended section in this case.


How We Tested The App
The bottom line is that the numbers speak for themselves. Our staff invested $500 and executed about 100 trades in a period of 4 days. The balance grew to $780 and we proceeded to cash out our initial investment ($500). After sending in our documents to our broker (which was not regulated by the way, but very professional none the less) we got our money after being bounced around a bit and having our documents collected by their finance people. Once all the documents were in order we got a wire transfer confirmation the following business day with a SWIFT number. We then proceeded to continue trading with our remaining balance after eliminating any form of risk to our initial investment, and after a short period of fluctuations we  were able to double the amount in a period of 7 days. Our current balance is $560 and we will send screenshots of our account balance to anyone who is interested.


Why it is Legit
Well, putting aside the fact that it actually performs, it is a flexible in the sense that it allows you to choose the amount you wish to risk and it is transparent in the way the assets are presented. The accuracy levels are as they are advertised, and traders are promptly informed in regards to the brokers selected. Navigation is simple and intuitive, and the customer service is surprisingly responsive. We contacted them with several concerns we had and were met with a timely and professional response.

Can I Withdraw My Money?
Yes, we were partnered with Tropical Trade, which was not regulated but they were punctual and despite the fact that they insisted on getting all the documents just right, eventually we got confirmation on payment.

Fake Testimonials?
Not really, in this context we see a clean and modern look which is very indicative of the trading environment. You will not see any actors, stolen image bank photos, or inflated bank accounts. All of these are the signatures of online investment scams, and they leave a foul stench.

Is This Free?
Not really, just as is the case with most systems you will have to pay at least $250 which is charged to your credit card or e-Wallet via the broker.

Some Down Sides:
There is no demo accounts if that’s what you are looking for, but it doesn’t mean the thing is a fake. The broker is selected for you, which is a common practice and usually has to do with the integration aspect of the software. This may result in perception of lower transparency levels, however as previously mentioned the results speak for themselves so these factors can be overlooked in the end.

Viral Scams to Avoid
The ones really causing damages and grief to online traders are: Dubai Lifestyle App, Cash Formula, Brooks Blueprint, and Drexel Code.

Additional Recommended Systems
If you have already tried Tradioneer and are looking for additional apps to profit from, feel free to browse through our recommended section.

recommended systems2

Review Conclusions and Recommendations
The Tradioneer automated trading software is totally legit and scam free. We prodded and poked at the various layers of possible deception and were very happy to stumble on a genuine trading app. Considering the fact that we received no complaints and very satisfied customers, we have no choice but to endorse this auto-trader and we are more than happy to do so since Tradioneer passed almost every aspect of our credibility text. Still, just to be safe we reserve the right to change and amend our review depending on customer responses.  Feel free to join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel today and get informed by our expert team of researchers.


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