Unlimited Profit is a Dangerous SCAM! Legit Review Sheds Light

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Unlimited Profit is a Dangerous SCAM! Legit Review Sheds Light

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts is posting a severe SCAM review and BLACKLIST notification in regards to the Unlimited Profit System, Software, (UPS), App, and Auto-trader as well as Brian James and Justin Weigel the cheating duo and fake actors. Our complaints desk has received a steady stream of grievances from irate day-traders wanting to profit trading binary options online. It seems they got some particularly misleading and deceptive SPAM emails illegally soliciting them to register with and fund trading accounts with shady unregulated brokers. Promises of easy money on Auto-pilot with no risk to their money were made. We immediately recognized this method of operation, and launched a comprehensive investigation. Our indisputable findings exposed this new and dangerous binary options investment scam.

Official Scam Website and Login Page: http://unlimitedprofit.co/

Proof of Scam
As you can see below, this software is an exact replica of the Tauribot and Citidel LTD trading apps. If you notice the circles in the illustration the same texts, fonts, and graphics can be found in both systems, which in reality is the same one just “dressed up” to look different. In professional terms this is called a white label solution, and it is given to marketers who understand how to attract visitors to their website, service, or product.unlimited profit 1If you are looking for additional proof the image below illustrates how the use of fake social feeds is employed in order to deceive and manipulate potential new clients. This software is called a social widget and it is embedded in the site. The problem is, all the photos there are image bank photos which are used in multiple white-label setups. So in essence you have the same people, saying the same thing in different auto-traders (in this case it is the Altronix Auto-trader).
unlimited profit 2

Unlimited Profit Software Review
As it goes, Mr Brian James is the so-called Head Developer and CTO (Chief Technology Officer) of this software which apparently made his first round of beta testers anywhere between $400-$1500 a day in 2014. He proceeds to say the software is 100% verified by an anonymous 3rd party trading organization. Veritrades is a SCAM and we will publish a separate review just about this system and what it’s designed to do. He then goes on to say that “trading can be done 24 hours a day 7 days a week”.

This is not only misleading its simply wrong. Any beginner knows that markets are closed on weekends and even in unique markets like the Middle East they are closed on Saturday. Then he proceeds to introduce Justin Weigel, who looks like a hobo and a lush on a serious ecstasy trip. This person, whoever he is goes on to say that his system is all about long-term profits and his “beta-testers have not had a single losing day.” That’s enough right there, if you have still not fathomed what’s going on here just trust me when I say this is a low-level SCAM. Don’t try mixing strategies or look for various tools such as technical analysis or bolinger bands on 60 second options, your best bet is first of all to realize you have been duped and secondly to collect whatever is left of your money and exit this calamity quickly.

unlimited profit 3

Is it Free?
Absolutely not! You will be required to cough up at least $250 and that will be paid through one of the recommended brokers which may or may not be regulated.

Similar Scams
Report a Scam ButtonWe recommend you avoid: The Millionaire Blue PrintLie Detector Millionaire and Daniel Wilkins, the Free Money System with Walter Green, The Drexel Code and Cory Drexel, SafeGuard Trader with David Hefner, the Push Money App with Dennis Moreland, Amissio Formula and Craig Phillips, Quick Cash System with Sara Markel, and Nesdek INC with Mike McDonald.

Signals, Autotraders, Bots, and Copiers
If you see a new  system coming out and want to try it out you have to wait and educate yourself. There are a lot of bogus apps hitting the market and most of them are useless and a waste of time. Only the best ones make it to our recommended section after passing our strict credibility test.

Review Summary and Conclusions
The Unlimited Profit Software, App, and Auto-trader as well as Brian James and Justin Weigel the fake actors and cheaters is a confirmed binary options investment scam. This system has been ripped to shreds by our team of researchers and the only accurate thing about it is how it targets your wallet. This app will take inferior trades by design and steal your money very quickly. There is not one thing which is genuine, honest, legit, or sincere about this app and we are advising all our members and viewers to seek alternative means of investing. Join our Facebook Group and subscribe to our YouTube Channel to see how scams operate and get educated.

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