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Is Virtnext a SCAM Automated Trading System

Posted on by Patrick Jones

I was recently asked about Virtnext, an automated trading tool for binary options and quite honestly I was a bit shocked from what I found out. There’s a lot of criticism today about various scam systems and marketers trying to dupe you, and quite honestly true to now after checking out the Virtnext App we understand why this is the case.

Update: Virtnext is now being marketed as Crypto Virtnext. But its the same crap.

Now people always ask me, well why is it that some systems are so successful while others fail almost immediately? And my answer will always be the same, it’s the people behind it that matter and what their values and work ethics are.

In the end everything is reflected in what we the customers receive, so here’s the really important stuff Virtnext scores extremely LOW across all of these main parameters:

Accuracy: ITM trades SUCK at around 50% “without any form of human intervention” because its on random – try shooting craps you will have better luck.

Reliability: Uptime is 78%, which means there are a ton of communication or sever issues that cause delay or errors.

Transparency: Everything is shut down and not open or plain to see. That being said, the integration with the brokers is performed seamlessly and there are no bugs or graphical problems.

User Friendly: Very intuitive and easy to use system, pretty much a done deal and once you set your preferences you are ready to go and lose your money.

Customer Service: Crap! they never respond and the mail bounces.

Compared to the countless number of scam software offers and bogus promises of instant wealth, Virtnext was one of the few systems that actually exceeded the level of filth and found play. It goes without saying that this is no simple task to achieve and while many con artists try, only a select few are able to reach this type of success.

Signals Versus Automated Trading (Bots)
Generally speaking I will always choose signals over bots because I’m a bit of a control freak. Additionally, giving anyone full control of your account balance is more than careless, it’s outright negligent in many ways and just like you wouldn’t hand someone an open check you should think very well about letting someone or something trade on your behalf without any serious form of oversight and performance monitoring.

Still, many people prefer bots over signals, so if you have to choose a tool go for one of our systems in the recommended section. On the overall I DO NOT recommend this software so let there be NO hesitation or a even a hint of doubt. I’m fully confident the people behind this software will continue to provide a fraudulent and thieving automated trading service for binary options, and if they don’t I absolutely reserve the right to change or amend this review in a way which reflects the truth as my readers view it – so leave me a message if you feel this system is a hoax.

  • Simon Cooper

    I wanted to know whether virtnext is the only bot that we can go for? can you suggest me the best one

  • Jimmy

    Virtnext bajo mucho el rendimiento y a mi me estafaron. Tengo pruebas.. de eso..

    • Jose Luis Santos

      In the post Jimmy says that Virtnext reduced the performance a lot, and that he was scammed by Virtnexty. He has proof of this…

      OK Jimmy, me tomo la libertad de traducirlo, porque de esa forma los anglosajones se enterarán mejor. Sería interesante que aportaras las pruebas, Patrick está pidiendo al final de su comentario que si alguien siente que es un engaño que lo diga, el texto en que lo pide está en negrita. Puedes subir una imagen con el icono del editor, esquina inferior izquierda.

      • Jimmy

        Hola jimmy de vuelta. Ahi les envio las fotos. Lastimosamente

        • Im deleting this because its not in English sorry

          • Jimmy

            I did not know that your site was only for those who speak English that is all I wanted to see the evidence promised nomas sorry

          • Simon Cooper

            thanks for showing, so actually what is going on here is , we can’t tell who is the real one. can you tell if this a scam
            beucase their website ranked top and first page, they don’t promote a lot and they use reliable brokers. so far, I can’t tell who is wrong or right, because a lot of fake reviews trying to say something good or bad.

          • Hi Simon – No links please – yes you need to go to page 2,3 sometimes 6-10 to get answers. Top rank doesnt mean Top solution

          • Simon Cooper

            thanks I have removed the links

          • Jimmy

            then you believe I got a fake software? My broker is bigoption say it is one of the best. but good if they give a false sofware then neither are performing well.

          • the broker isnt going to refuse customers. Naturally hes gonna say its good cuz he wants you to invest. I can promise you after you lose you will be referred to a “senior account manager” who will try to get you to reinvest. I refer to this as an unholy alliance between the advertiser and the broker who remains insulated.

          • Jimmy

            and if I can but I worked for a while it seemed almost maximum 10 straight gains. the next day the same. the next day and they fucked me good and which do you recommend me some reliable robot if work?

          • Hi Jimmy. I moderated your post – please keep it clean. TY
            I dont recommend anything else but the lesson here is to cash out even if its smaller amounts. You can always reinvest or diversify from a secure position.

          • Simon Cooper

            Jimmy, what I meant is I believe your results is real. because I have a bad results with copy buffet too.
            I have found something cool, you can send me an email simonsmartguy at gmail dot com replace the at as @disqus_LTE0x1TawV:disqus

          • Best idea is to avoid the hype. go for something realistic and focused with good service and professional software.

  • Jose Luis Santos

    Well is evident that there “seems to be” too many lost operations, but the way the photos are taken it’s impossible to determine the exact ITM / OTM rates. Te position of the cursor in the right side of the window (the yellow stuff) indicates that there are a lot of trades that doesn’t show up, anyway the first picture shows the same day, between 18:13 and 20:05 performed 6 trades, a lot in less than 2 hours!!, the second image is bad quality and impossible to see, the third image shows 6 trades in 15 minutes, in my opinion that’s excessive!!. Please Jimmy could you tell which percentage of success did you select?, because in my opinion the amount of trades is excessive, apparently the system is selecting too many trades, not the best ones.

    • Hi Jose, I took the liberty of deleting previous comments since they were not in English, this includes screenshots. However, if you have to summarize it, would you sat that the system is taking too many trades and the win ratio is low? Thanks, Pat

  • Kelly

    VirtNextApp and Tauribot are all scams that I have lost everything on in 1 day!


  • Roman

    So I guess I should comment here as well. I did start the Software. It did 10 trades in about 15 minutes and I’ve lost 8 of it. That was the Moment I switched it off. To resume: I did use 3 Autobots: CopyBuffett did 19 Trades and won 13 of it, Virtnext did 10 Trades and won 2 of it and BinaryOptionRobot, which did 8 Trades and did win 3 so far (the rest will expire at the end o the week, so no loss till now)

  • Jose

    I signed up with Virtnext with $500 and the autotrading mode did not even have 50% win rate. Then I took manual trades. It gives call/put signals on the same pair for 15/30 minute expiry times in less than a minute. I lost my entire account on the second trading day. To me it is a bogus software. My overall win rate with it was not even 40%. I am surprised to find that some of the reputed scam investigators of promoting and supporting this. I would advise everyone to stay away from Virtnext.

  • Paul

    has anyone tried trianasoft? is it a scam?

  • kim

    Hi Patrick. I have been thinking of getting into the Push Money App System. And I did look at the Virtnext System as well. Which one of these would you recommend? Would you recommend something other than these two? Im an inexperienced trader but would like to make a few additional dollars.

  • kim

    And what about CTOptions. Is this a reputable broker?

    • Hi Kim, I’m not in a position to recommend CTOptions or not recommend them – they seem to be a relatively small operation and I don’t hear too much about them. Thanks, Pat

      • Konstantin

        I have an account with CTOptions and can vouch that they are very professional and reliable. If your initial deposit is less than $5000, they place certain trade size restrictions on your account. I think the max trade size is no more than 5% of your deposited amount and you cannot trade more than 50% of your account balance in a 24-hour period. You can find this info in the terms & conditions section.

    • Hi Kim, Konstantin says they are legit. I advise you to proceed with caution. Unregulated does not mean illegal and they may be a good broker. Still, make sure to document everything and be careful with bonuses. Thanks, Pat

  • Step

    How about binadroid, anyone heard bout it?..all good review i read..

  • Zam Lolwana

    Is Google Auto Trader legit or just another scam?

  • Zam Lolwana

    Also let me know if Binary Option Robot is legit.

    • Patrick Jones

      All Binary Is A SCAM – We dont recommend it.

  • Willem

    Hey guys, what about the “copy Buffett” software

    • Patrick Jones


  • sue

    What about Fortune Traders? Is that a scam?

  • Paulo

    Caution! Virtnext is scam! other sites have proven that.

  • Joe smith

    vritnext is a scam, just look at the testimonials. everyone is reading from a script and you can tell when they pause to read the next line and then just don’t quite make it seamlessly expressed..
    The facebook reveiews are fake too. This person, Patrick, has been paid to give positive reviews about this fake product. look again at what he “chooses” to say and not say, look at the information he gives us – nothing. nothing but lies

    • Patrick Jones


  • Peter

    Hi Pat, can you share why others are endorsing virtnext?

  • marc-olivier gaulin

    hi … do you recommend this bot ?

    • Patrick Jones

      Its a SCAM