Virtual Income Scam Uses Threats to Suppress Legit Review

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Virtual Income Scam Uses Threats to Suppress Legit Review

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Binary Scam Alerts has decided to ignore direct threats from the Virtual Income Scam owners (AKA Virtual Income Incorporated Software, Autotrader, and APP) and is categorically declaring this system to be a class A SCAM. This means this software is not only inaccurate, it is also extremely deceitful, misleading, and will steal your money in a very effective and swift fashion. Still, for the sake of transparency and fairness our staff has thoroughly investigated and persistently pursued the real facts in order to validate its initial findings and conclusions.

Official Scam Page:

Proof of Scam
The most disturbing issue in our opinion has to do with the fact that the person who is selling you this fake app is in reality non-existent. He does not have a social profile of any kind, and his name and details are not divulged. These cheaters are trying to keep it a secret, and with good reason. Even the rip off artists behind the Amissio Formula who concocted their scam were smart enough to realize that people need a name to be attached to a human being who is selling them false dreams of prosperity and wealth. On a side note, these are the same people who have devised this malicious lie.

Virtual Income Scam
Virtual Income Scam Review
It’s not every day we see such a robust sales page filled with all kinds of technological widgets. These people have come a long way and are now extremely masterful at using technology such as Java Script and PHP in order to create various charts and make-pretend historical calculators that are highly deceptive and lure innocent victims into registering with shady and unregulated brokers known as “deposit only” brokers. Again, we see the use of fake logos and credentials a recurring motif in these types of scams.

virtual income scam 2

If you were unlucky enough to invest with one of the recommended brokers, you will immediately realize something is wrong and the performance is not how it should be. That is the feeling you get when you start understanding that something is wrong and most likely you were scammed. So, it doesn’t really matter if you use trading strategies or technical analysis in the form of Candle Sticks or Bollinger Bands, and all the fancy charting tools in the world will not help you achieve a 90% ITM win rate. At this stage you would have received a phone call from the broker offering you an alternative trading strategy and a “real way” to make money. Don’t buy it, consider yourself lucky for only losing your initial investment amount and look at it as a lesson well-learned.

Is it Free?
Well yes, but you would need to fund a trading account with one of their recommended brokers. That will cost you at least $250.

Similar Scams
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Signals, Autotraders, Bots, and Trade Copiers
There is a sea of systems out there, and all of them will offer you amazing return on your investment. Unfortunately, only a few are true to their promise. Binary Scam Alerts fully endorses the Binary Profit Method as the preferred signals tool. If you are interested in a solid Auto-trader with proven results, make sure to read our Virtnext review.

Verdict and Final Conclusions
The Virtual Income Software is a SCAM Autotrader and APP. It has all the makings of a highly deceptive and misleading system. We encourage our members and subscribers to seek alternative means of investment and avoid this software at all costs. As always, we invite you to join our Facebook group and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

  • Ivan Ivanov

    Thanks bro,you save my time with this idiots,they send me email before few hours,just look

    Dear Friend,

    “Great news!

    Our systems show that you have qualified to

    start making commissions immediately:

    ==> Grab your payment here…

    Please do not share this with anyone else.

    And it’s meant only for you.

    Once again, congrats, you are in!

    Best wishes,

    The team”

    Again,thanks alot Patrick!

    • Anytime Ivan – make sure to bookmark our site and if you are ever in doubt you can come back and use it as a point of reference. Thanks, Pat

    • Joan

      I get these all the time. I use to look into them all and get my hopes up. Now I just delete them wishing they would go away!

  • Douglas

    Patrick, there is another new binary bot kid on the block called BinaDroid. It’ has received raving reviews since it was launched. Is it legit or another variant of a scam app?

    • Jacob

      I’m curious about this site too. I saw one review that said they tested it for two weeks and made $2500 in that two weeks. At least they are not saying they made that in one day. The 9 out of 10 successful trades makes me wonder about it.

      • Jeff Wittman

        I tried binadroid read great things had no luck put in 250account empty in 3 days hope others do better risk you take

        • Hi Jeff, thanks for sharing. Hope you do better next time. Pat

        • Jacob

          Definitely a risk, but after your experience with it, I think I’ll pass on it. I’d rather keep my $250 in my bank.

    • Jeff Wittman

      I tried binadroid because read great things had no luck put in 250 account empty in 3 days hope other people have better luck risk you take

    • Ho Doug, I am familiar with this system and can’t recommend or not recommend it since I am overwhelmed with new things coming in all the time and can’t review everything. If you want to try it out and let me know feel free

  • Kathy

    Interesting, I heard great things about this site. Apparently all lies though. I went to the site and it said its not available in the United States. Good thing or I would have signed up before seeing this post about.

  • Kassam

    Have you reviewed “Golden Paradigm”?

  • Kassam

    I am in Vancouver, Canada and looking to chat with someone who currently uses an auto-trading bot which makes good money as I have lost a lot before and looking for legitimacy and performance. You can contact me at [email protected] as I do get inundated with emails so please subject line it as let’s chat for bot in Vancouver. Thanks. Karim.

    • Andrew Spera

      He does suggest Binary Profit Method and virtnext. I honestly have not tried them yet myself, but if he endorses them, but must be good.

      • Kassam

        Hi Andrew: Are you in Vancouver ?

        • Andrew Spera

          No I’m not in Vancouver, sorry.

          • Kassam

            Can I call you to speak with you personally on any binary system that you currently use that is generating money ?

          • Andrew Spera

            I’m not currently using a system. Lost to much money on scams that I’m not jumping into anything right away. Doing intense research first.

    • Hi Kassam, Try this solution, I have not reviewed it but it seems to perform well.
      Let me know how it was – thanks