Weed Profit System Review, Fake Weed Profit System SCAM!

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Weed Profit System Review, Fake Weed Profit System SCAM!

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Weed Profit System Review and SCAM Investigation
Is Weed Profit System SCAM or not? You don’t need to be a genius to understand that its a full blown marijuana get-rich-quick scheme and fraudulent Cannabis CFD trading software. Its a well-known fact that cannabis stock is flying high as a kite (metaphorically speaking), and the usual lot of greedy scammers are quickly adapting their arsenal of dirty marketing schemes to the new and profitable niche of pot stocks. It’s no secret that Canada and some US states have legalized the use of medical and recreational marijuana, and there is much hype being generated due to these developments. Affiliate marketers and media agencies are smart, and understand how to ride the pot-stock wave of success. They will try to sell you fake cannabis CFD stocks, but in reality you will be subject to the same type of unethical business practices which are associated with binary options and at times cryptocurrencies.

SCAM ALERT: Weed Profit system SCAM is blacklisted, and complaints are mounting as we write this review.

So, if you have seen some type of fake news article demonstrating how members of the Dragons’ Den cast or Elon Musk using the Weed Profit System to generate massive profits, you should know that you are being targeted by clever con artists. Still believe the Weed Profit System is a genuine trading app, in that case we highly recommend you continue reading our detailed Weed Profit System review because we exposed these crooks and their fake cannabis trading platform.

Official Website, Login Page, and Members Area: weedprofitsystem.com

Proof of SCAM:
Below is the sales page and registration area for the Weed Profit System SCAM. Here you will see the how they promise you massive riches at the click of a mouse and a way to “ride the weed profit wave”.

Right below you can see the famous “3 steps” section where they tell you to signup, deposit and trade. As you can see for yourself, the Weed Profit System bares a striking  resemblance to another scam dubiously named the “Weed Millionaire”.

And for the finale, here we see the trading interface for the Weed Profit System. Its very plain to see that it is a facsimile copy of the Weed Millionaire software. In fact, this is a turnkey solution for affiliate marketers who want to cash in on the latest cannabis hype.

What is Weed Profit System and How Does It Work?
Weed Profit System is a marijuana penny-stocks scam which is using the latest wave of cannabis hype in order to reel in unsuspecting day traders and opportunity seekers looking to cash in on a legit cannabis trading app. They say there are secret weed penny stocks that you can flip, and generate income. They say the signals are almost 100% accurate, but that is a flat-out lie designed to trap you.

Weed Profit System Review, Scam Or Legit Marijuana Penny-Stocks Trading App?
As we previously mentioned, the Weed Profit System scam software is a fake pot stock trading app which was built by crafty affiliate marketers operating together with fake offshore brokers. In our case it was a broker named TradoSpot, which is another Estonian-based offshore broker. They will tell you their Cannabis CFD trading software is exceptional at flipping Marijuana Penny-Stocks, but in reality this is a ruse designed to drain your wallet and send you on your merry way.

Make no mistake, the Weed Profit System scam is a cloned software which was not designed with the purest of intentions at heart (to say the least). Don’t ever forget, trading always involves a certain degree of risk, and there are no such things as guaranteed wins or risk-free trading.

Fake News: Weed Profit System Dragons’ Den, Elon Musk, and Richard Branson
Have you been exposed to some piece of fake news about how Weed Profit System is generating massive profits for members of the Dragons’ Den cast? If that’s the case they you should know that planting fake news articles in search engines is how scammers operate these days so stay alert and don’t take the bait!

Is It Free?
Absolutely not! Its going to cost you about $250, and that money will be deducted from your credit card by some thieving brokers.

Other Viral Scams Trending
The ones to watch out for are Bitcoin Revolution and Bitcoin Trader.

What Are Marijuana Stocks and Is Should I Get In Now?
Marijuana stocks are very hot these days, especially stocks of companies such as Canopy Growth Corp (CGC) or  Aphria (APHQF). They will try to tell you that trading Cannabis CFD stock is very lucrative, which is partially true. They will highlight all the perceived benefits, but leave out thorny issues such as leverage, which is usually 1:100 on the standard Forex currency pairs which are traded online. Leverage is the credit the broker gives you, and in reality you can view it like getting into an overdraft in your account if you lose. So make sure to check the facts and avoid the Weed Profit System scam.

Still Trust the Weed Profit System?
If you are still under the impression that the Weed Profit System is a legitimate trading software, then you need to re-examine your position and maybe take a step back. Online trading is probably not for you.

Some Tested Alternatives
Our staff constantly searches the internet for profitable trading systems in the cryptocurrency, Forex, and now Cannabis trading niche. We have been able to find a few select systems which have withstood the test of time. These are all proudly listed in our recommended section, so take a minute to check them out.

Weed Profit System Review Summary, Conclusions, and Helpful Tips
The Weed Profit System SCAM software, app, and fraudulent cannabis penny-stock investment platform is totally BLACKLISTED. Our detailed and informative Weed Profit System review provides all the proof and evidence needed to validate our initial findings, so please don’t signup and make sure to seek alternative investment opportunities which actually work. Don’t forget to message us via our our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel .



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