XTP APP Scam is a Scam and Fraud

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XTP APP Scam is a Scam and Fraud

Posted on by Patrick Jones

So here’s another review of fraudulent scam software and someone trying to get you to think that with €250 you can amass a wealth of €116, 852. Guys, please try to use common sense before risking your hard-earned money.


Now, I’m assuming that for a lot of you €250 is not a small amount of money, so instead of wasting on some quick cash scheme try to use it in a more constructive way – for example get career counseling, have your CV polished by a professional, or pay an HR company to find you a job suitable for your skills. Better yet, if you are in the entrepreneurial mood, try building a business plan, just make sure you consult the right people (start with friends and family first).

Now, a word to the wise, whenever you start getting a barrage of emails from various sources assume that your email is being passed around by various promoters. Some advertisers build their whole business just by soliciting your email and then passing it to other marketers who hammer out daily offers trying to get you to open an account and deposit with a binary options broker.

So, if this was a legitimate offer like buy an Adidas shoe online at a 10% discount that would be one thing. Because you know exactly what you are paying for and what you’re getting in return. In this scenario, the people behind the XT APP are offering you a way to make over 100K with a capital that covers a dinner for a family of 4.

That is the main issue I have behind people who promote the XT APP or similar “get rich quick schemes”, and the reason I take the time to write these reviews. It infuriates me to see how normal working people who can barely pay rent and feed their kids get swindled by these rogue online hooligans.

Scam Alert

I’ve been receiving many emails about how you lost your money and the level of frustration you experience. The way to deal with this is learn and move on to make a serious change in your life. Stay close to your loved ones and don’t ever forget to tell them how much you love them, because in times of need these are the people who will be by your side and not the anonymous thieves who will disappear the second they understand they can’t milk you out of your money anymore.

Still, despite everything that is being said and done every now and then there is a good system that comes out and actually makes profits for the people using it. If  you are interested in a really good signals tool I recommend the Steve Nichols’ Binary Profit Method system. It’s also integrated with honest and regulated brokers.

If you are interested in an automated trading solution I can recommend Virtnext, since it is a consistent performer and has gained a great reputation with both experienced as well as amateur traders. If you need any further tips or guidance concerning trading, (specifically contract types, asset selection, investment amounts, strategies, and brokers) feel free to contact me by leaving your details at the comment section and asking me directly what you need or want to know before getting your feet wet.

To conclude this review, the XTP app is pure SCAM software and if you really want to start profiting from binary options make sure you are using a regulated broker.

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