Zero Loss Formula Scam, Fake LinkedIn Reviews Deceive Online Traders

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Zero Loss Formula Scam, Fake LinkedIn Reviews Deceive Online Traders

Posted on by Patrick Jones

Our previous Zero Loss Formula reviews have provided conclusive proof and evidence of SCAM, therefore it is blacklisted and it will continue to stay that way until these crooks mend their ways and start refunding people and giving back all the thousands of dollars they stole. Only now there are some new developments you should be made aware of since it seems that very similar to Quantum Code, Zero Loss Holdings and Peter Morgan are the flavor of the month and crafty affiliate marketers are using this fake app and auto-trader to trick, mislead, and victimize innocent day traders looking to make a few bucks trading binary options online.

Official Scam Website and Login Page:

How the Fake Reviews Work
Below is a screenshot of how savvy internet marketers manipulate the Google search algorithm (AKA Google Bot) by creating fake LinkedIn profiles, writing fake content designed to defraud traders, and getting indexed very high on the search results.

We are constantly seeing this method being used and exploited in a way which is intolerable and and we have made a decision to file a SPAM complaint with LinkedIn. We will now teach you how to do it so we can all get rid of these spammers and gain access to honest and insightful reviews.

Below you will see how a FAKE LinkedIn review looks like and all the SPAM links inside. All you have to do is click on the “report this” section of the post and say that it’s webspam and deceitful content. The more people do this the cleaner environment we will have and more room available for honest and impartial articles.Zero Loss 2

Why Are We Seeing This Increase in Webspam?
The offer is being picked up by a lot of affiliate marketers who believe this system will be an effective monetizing tool for them. This means they believe it is good at fooling people and tricking them into registering with and funding trading accounts with rogue and unregulated brokers. Truth be said, they know their business and if they have chosen to promote a certain offer so aggressively then it is with good reason.

Review Recap – What is Zero Loss Formula?
Mr. Peter Morgan (Alias) CEO of Zero Loss Holdings (Fake Name) is the latest in a line of paid actors paid to spew lies and trick innocent day-traders into registering with a bogus app and auto-trader. According to him, he has made over 96 Million Dollars during the past couple of years and “never had a single losing trade”. This charlatan is now offering you an easy way to make millions online on auto-pilot and for FREE as a new beta-tester!


In reality the luxury car, fancy jet, and nice office are all rentals and designed to give the story a sense of authenticity and legitimacy when if fact the exact opposite is true. Our reviews have proven that the software is a rehashed version of cheap code designed to take inferior positions intentionally and steal your money. The loot is then shared with a slimy broker who has partnered with these cyber-hoodlums in a simple revenue share scheme.

To prove it we have actually traced Peter Morgan to the Clackamas Repertory Theatre Website where this actor’s bio is prominently displayed. In fact, he is the Associate Artistic Director of this cultural center and it shames me to see someone like that peddling binary options scam. On the other hand, I understand the need to make a living and can’t blame him for taking parts like these since it’s very hard to make a living as an actor.

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recommended systems2Biggest Viral Scams
The top four SCAMS being promoted online today are without a doubt the Quantum Code, Millionaire Blueprint (AKA Free Money System), Push Money App, and Centument LTD. There are others but these are the ones that keep topping the lists in terms of complaints.

Review Conclusions and Recommendations
The Zero Loss Formula and Holdings as well as Peter Morgan (Alias) the cheap actor and wanna-be rich CEO is a verified binary options investment SCAM. Our previous reviews have shed light on this fake app and auto-trader and exposed it for what it really is. There are many fake reviews out there using various techniques that allow them to get exposure online, all in an attempt to trick, victimize, and defraud potential customers wanting to make some money trading online. Finally and just a quick reminder, we have provided proof of how the Zero Loss Formula steals money. We urge you to be on guard and critical concerning the type of reviews you are exposed to and always look for reputable and well-known websites like Binary Scam Alerts.  Don’t forget join our  Facebook Page and YouTube channel.

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